Penny & Nathan, - Many vacations are relaxing and enjoyable. However, the experience we shared with you for a week, which by the way, passed far too quickly, was truly special, and is indelibly marked into our memories.
Watching my family scuba together for the first time was more meaningful than I can adequately express.
WE formed a bond with you both , and we anxiously await the next time we are able to charter with you, hopefully in Dominica! We wish you the best of luck, health and a life of love and happiness together. Your dear friends, Family Simon
April 2014


It is all true
what we're about to say.
We are on Alegria
and taking a break
with Penny and Nathe
being fantastic and great.
Pennys amazing cooking
and Nathe's navigafort drinks
made our vacation good looking :)
Because we're happy - clap along
… if you feel like sailing with Penny & Nathe
…. if you feel like happiness is the truth
… if you know what happiness is for you
… if you feel that's what you wanna do :
Sailing on Alegria with Penny & Nathe!!
We Loved It!
The Big Family - June 2014 St Maarten, Anguilla and St Barth's

We've done a lot of different types of vacations - including other dive trips - and I think
this one takes the cake!
Thanks for a week of sun, fun, diving, painkiller (drinks) + excellent family fun!
You guys are a great team.
K. Ham July 2014

Nathe + Penny,
This was a vacation of a lifetime. Incredible space, beautiful waters, heavenly company… altogether magical. Sorry we can't compete with the Happy Song acknowledgement, but everything they said is so true. Thank you for facilitating the melding of our two families East Coast / West Coast. Many Many Thanks! You two are a great team xoxo
Oh and from L. H and W : Never a dull moment. We had so much fun on this trip, it tops any other! We really hope we can come back soon… the food was amazing and so was the boat in general. Thanks for everything!
G.J.R & L G.
July 2014

Beautiful week in the BVI thanks to our wonderful crew, Nathan and Penelope. Great times from start to finish. Loved the food, drink of the day, diving excursions and times together. The trip exceeded ALL our expectations. Rick is already doing research for a return trip. Thanks for helping us created a lifetime of memories!
Love from the family B.
July 2014

Truly amazing vacation! We did a similar trip 2 years ago to the BVI so we knew what to expect - this trip exceeded our expectations. From the moment we got on board, we were welcomed with tremendous hospitality, beautiful accommodations and one of which would turn out to be all of Penny's fantastic meals. It is not easy to keep four children (ages 15-22) occupied + happy for a week - but when diving with Nathan, water activities and great conversations with both Nathan and Penny - this became our kids favorite + most memorable vacations. Every meal was well planned: presented and most of all delicious. We looked forward to Penny's surprises every day. When you do this kind of trip, you normally look for the ship first. We realized after this trip that the crew is most important. Nathan and Penny made our vacation! Hope to see you on another charter real soon. Love the Family T.
August 2014